vendredi, avril 11, 2008

La Fontaine

Les temps ont changé, dorénavant la célèbre fable commencera ainsi " Maître Corbeau, sur un lampion perché....."
In reference to the famous fabulist "Jean de La Fontaine" and his famous fable " The Crow and The Fox", from now the fable will begin by " Perched in a lantern, old Mister Crow....".
Below the original Fable :
"Perched in a treetop, old Mister Crow was holding a cheese in his beak. Drawn by the stench, Mister Fox, down below, peered up, then proceeded to speak. "Well, hello, fair Sir Crow! Lovely day! How you dazzle my eyes! How rare your display!Not to lie, if your voice when you sing is as fine as the cut of your wing I'll know you're the Phoenix reborn in these woods!"At these words the old crow became giddy with pleasure and, thinking to prove his voice a treasure, he opened his big beak-and promptly dropped the goods. Fox pounced upon his prize and said, "My dear, dear sir, learn now that every flatterer lives at the cost of those who give him credit. That lesson's worth a cheese no doubt, so don't forget it!". The crow, in shame and deep chagrin, swore, a bit late, never again to be taken in".

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